Onboarding & Orientation

Greif provides Orientation for newly-hired employees to effectively integrate the new employee into the organization.  Orienting new employees to the company is important to the completion of the recruitment process providing new employees with the information, resources and support they need to be successful and to build a positive attitude toward the company.

The primary goals for orientation:

  • Reduce anxiety. Proper orientation helps to reduce anxiety that results from entering into the organization.
  • It can put new employees at ease and to get them excited about their job.
  • To promote a broad understanding of how the organization works.
  • Shows that the organization values the employee and helps to provide the tools necessary for success.

Greif provides onboarding for newly-hired and promoted employees to ensure they are oriented to the company and have the resources they need to succeed in their new roles. Effective onboarding increases the likelihood that an employee will be engaged and choose to stay with Greif.

There are three primary goals for onboarding:

  • Clarify the new role and orient employees to Greif's leadership culture; 
  • Provide employees with resources to succeed in their new roles; and
  • Encourage partnership between the employee, manager, and People Services-- to create a mutually agreed upon road map and objectives for orienting the employee to his or her new role.

Orientation for the new employee occurs at the very beginning of the Onboarding process.  It is part of the Onboarding process that ensure that a newly hired employee is formally set up in the Greif system and has all that he or she needs to get started.  The process typically starts prior the employee's hire date and continues for approximately a week after the hire date. 

Performance management

Performance management at Greif is a process for communicating employee performance expectations, maintaining ongoing performance dialogue and conducting annual performance appraisals.

Training & Development

Continuous improvement is foundational to all aspects of our business -- Operational Excellence, Commercial Excellence, Administrative Excellence and People Excellence. At Greif, everyone is responsible for improving and developing their own professional skills as well as those who may report to them. 

The goals of development planning are to help each individual:

  • Meet new job requirements associated with lateral moves and promotions; 
  • Accelerate performance in their current position; and
  • Increase leadership competency in developing others.

An organization's sincere commitment to developing employees is critical to building employee engagement and high performance.

Training provides employees with a robust set of learning and development opportunities that position them for success in their careers at Greif. Training also supports our business success by:

  • Building competencies that are crucial to our company's growth; and
  • Creating continuity in our business practices by using consistent training content and delivery across regions.

Talent Development works with People Services Managers or designees in administering training so the above objectives are achieved across all of our geographic locations.